HyperflyLabs Launches 324.

The launching of 324 is an important chapter in the history of Hyperfly. A new division has been launched called HyperflyLabs which will focus on offering the latest cutting edge technology products in the field of CBD research under the brand, 324.  Most are surprised to learn that the U.S. Government is so convinced by the science behind hemp extract that they actually own the patent for it.  (see link)


After the co-founder of Hyperfly received surgery on his C5, C6 and C7, the pain was beyond comprehension.  The doctors were prescribing opioids by the boatloads to contain the pain, but they brought about side effects and an addiction that every athlete is familiar with.  It was not until he started a CBD based therapy that he was able to find relief from the pain and the addiction.


Dr. Stuart Titus, a world-renowned expert in the field of CBD research developed a CBD therapy plan  for Hyperfly’s co-founder that brought him back to health.  Because CBD had literally saved his life, it became his passion to develop a CBD program that would be specially engineered for fighters and athletes unlike anything else on the market. The result is “324”


We at HyperflyLabs are excited to offer CBD based strategies that will help make all athletes perform at a higher level with faster recovery and increased endurance.


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This CBD oil is so epic for any kind of pain - muscular pain, joint pain, and bruises. It instantly relieves it, and it's all natural. I carry it with me in case I have an injury or just even after a workout it's really nice.

– Mia Kang, Muay Thai Fighter and Model

The 324 Roll on is amazing!! I've had 2 back surgeries and suffered from back & shoulder pain for years. I've taken opioids, muscle relaxers, you name it but nothing really worked. When using the 324 Roll on I get relief immediately and am pain free longer. It's a lifesaver.

– Stacia Cox, Business Owner

The 324 roll on helped me finish one of the most grueling 100 mile races I have ever run. I had been fighting recovering from a stress fracture in my shin for more than 2 years and never could run without taping it. The tape helped some until one day...the day of my biggest 100 miler when the pain was made worse by the tape and I had to take it off. The magic roller as I was calling it was first introduced to me during this run and I couldn't believe how the 324 roll on made the stabbing pain go away. I was limping with pain until I started using the 324 roll on and it allowed me to finish my 100 mile race without me even thinking about the pain on my shin!

– Caroline Barichievich, Long Distance Runner

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